Sonia Ali, well acclaimed for her persuading fashion and beauty tips all throughout the planet, is a presumed beauty blogger, who has additionally posted and shared her work through social media to help by most of her fans and followers across the globe. She has reliably appeared as an extraordinarily seen individual from the Global fashion industry since long now and her accommodating beauty tips have really shown their achievability to every last bit of her fans and followers around.

Sonia Ali Dubai completed her degree in Law from UK. Moreover, she later decided to seek after her fantasies and yearnings in the beauty and skincare world. Following to moving back from the UK, she proceeded to invest some quality time with her loved ones situated in Kuwait. To be sure, even while passing on some extraordinary time around with her family, Sonia Ali decided to move to Dubai to start ahead with her goals in makeup industry that were expected to empower the Middle eastern women with the absolute best makeup tips and recommendations.