Fyza Ali set up the Buffing Technique during one of her makeup learning classes in London in 2014. From this point forward, this methodology has gotten unbelievably celebrated and mainstream among all the acclaimed celebs, makeup professionals and general individual around.

Fyza Ali, the founder of the well known “Buffing procedures”, comes as the most followed makeup artist in and around Dubai. She invented Buffing strategies in 2014 and essentially every best in class celeb and people from the Royal families turned a part of her elite client list. Fyza Ali Dubai is open in regards to her perspectives and discernment on fillers and Botox.

Discussing her schooling, Fyza finished her high level studies in English from the UK. During a similar time, she dealt with the makeup task for the models taking part in particularly observed London fashion week and snatched some huge reputation on account of her famous makeup abilities (by and large Bridal makeup) in the UK, which served inconceivably well to both Middle east and south Asian women. While moving back to Kuwait from the UK, she made her base in Dubai and cleared her way towards her new excursion and journey in the fashion arena by sharing her flawless work and handy tips to a large follower base on social media.