Sonia Ali and Fyza Ali (SoniaxFyza)

Fyza Ali, the name behind the prestigious “Buffing Techniques”, and Sonia Ali, unarguably the most talked about beauty blogger that is renowned for her powerful makeup tips, are sisters and presently living in Dubai. The two Sisters have exhibited their expertise and knowledge worldwide while educating the world with some beauty , health and wellness tips. Besides having some phenomenal knowledge in the beauty, skin , wellness and health space, both the sisters passes on flawless makeup and appearance.

Both Soniaxfyza Sonia and Fyza completed their advanced education in Law and English from the UK. While doing that, Sonia got acclaimed for her effective makeup blog posts while Fyza obtained all the appreciation and acknowledgment for her exceptional abilities in Bridal and general make up styles. They served agreeably to both Middle East and south Asian ladies. Both Sonia Ali and Fyza Ali were the first ladies to make their essence on social media inside the Middle East region.


SoniaxFyza Blog - Before and After

At first, the two of them posted about their helpful work and successful tips on the social media. Accordingly, even while this was a very new thing for the Middle Eastern women, the two sisters lead the best way to deal with most Middle Eastern influencers around.

After finishing up with their higher education in the UK, the two of them moved back to Kuwait to pass on some quality time with their family and loved ones. Considering everything, both Sonia and Fyza (Before and After Makeup) chose to move back to Dubai to kickstart their journey in the Global make up and beauty care products industry through their best in class dominance and aptitude based knowledge.